BPA and BPM, the beginning of the chain

BPA and BPM, the beginning of the chain

Obtaining safe products for human consumption begins in the agri-food chain: GAP and GMP.

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are basic principles and general hygiene practices in the handling, preparation, packaging and storage of food for human consumption. This is done to ensure that food is manufactured under adequate sanitary conditions and the risks inherent in production are reduced.

History of BPM

Historically, GMPs arise as a response or reaction to serious events (sometimes fatal), related to the lack of safety, purity and efficacy of food and / or medicines. The first antecedents of the BPM date from 1906 in the USA.

Safety is a condition of a food that does not harm the health of the consumer.

  • GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) are procedures that are applied in primary production and include the use and selection of production areas, the control of pollutants, pests and diseases of animals and plants and the adoption of practices and measures to ensure that the food is produced in appropriate hygienic conditions.


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